We are well versed in data and  we enjoy betting

That’s why we decided to connect these two worlds and give bettors the opportunity to increase their chances of success. Thanks to a special algorithm, the Betdoin system will provide you with the most accurate predictions regarding world football matches.

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It started in 2019

We always wanted to be engaged in betting, and that's why we – besides other things – founded a successful Sport Break project in 2019. It's a system containing the largest Czech and Slovak tip verification. We believe the Betdoin betting community will be as good as the Sport Break community.

Dominik Rouš


I have been engaged in betting since 2011. Sport and betting have been my big hobbies since I was a child. Later, these hobbies turned into my job and lifestyle. My initial activities were copying statistics, charts, and results from the teletext. Nowadays, some people don't even know what the teletext is. Back then, I considered it a valuable source of sports data. Since then, I've been gathering information, talking to the pros, and tried to invent a unique algorithm, which would be able to estimate the match result in percentage.

My perspective on betting is similar to the one of stock traders – almost anything can be estimated using correct data analytics. I have watched tens of thousands of football matches. That's why I dare to call myself a knowledgeable person. In addition, Martin and I are the founders of the Sport Break betting verification, which allows me to communicate with the best bettors in the world. Betdoin is our biggest challenge, and I know we'll do everything to make this system perfect.

Martin Machač


I was pretty interested in stocks and cryptocurrencies already during my high school studies. It gave me plenty of ​​experience, and even at a young age, I became a strong investor who knows where and when to invest. That's why after reaching the desired capital, I began to look for suitable opportunities.

I met Dominik, who offered me an investment in an interesting project in the field of betting..That was Sport Break, which became the most significant home verification of bettors in a few months. And thanks to the fact that I have financial resources and know-how from the past, I believe that I can help Betdoin in terms of the development and growth of the company.

My first betting experience came while playing the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At that time, it was possible to bet using skins, so I tried it a few times (unfortunately unsuccessfully). Then I stopped because I didn't see much sense in it. I started betting again when I met Dominik, who convinced me that he had something which hasn't been on the market yet. That's how we created our joint projects, with which we want to succeed worldwide. And I believe we will.

Reviews and press reports

Read what some well-known media wrote about us and look at the client reviews of our predictions. Need we say more?

Betdoin platform brings a s revolutionary system of fixed-odds betting

As the owner and head of the system, I can only praise it. It’s genuinely beneficial to me. Finally, there’s no need to spend long hours reading statistics, and I can be fully engaged in analyses.

The Czech Betdoin project helps football bettors to achieve better results

From May this year, the betting tool Betdoin is available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which wants to help clients in successful football betting. We looked at how the system works in practice.

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37 years, driver (Czech Republic)

I was impressed by Betdoin and I have never seen anything like it in the Czech Republic. Clear presentation. I have been using Betdoin since June 2021. The first few weeks I was getting to know the system and looking for the right strategy. A great and interesting tool. Thumbs up.



27 years, marketer (Kenya)

I was introduced to betdoin by a work colleague. There are many similar tools in Kenya and the African market in general. But many of them are worthless. I was convinced by the customer support that explained everything to me. The tips I use are mostly from strategies because I am weighed down by a lack of free time.



25 years, guide (Italy)

I have tried everything in betting and when something looked good, it still went wrong. I came across betdoin in its earliest days and I can't praise it enough. I also like to do some of the work myself, so I'm comfortable with the fact that the actual selection of the ticket is up to me. And last but not least, the favourable price which my wallet feels. Thank you.