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The world of football betting is not just about tickets and odds. You'll appreciate our blog  whether you are interested in new betting trends, previews of football matches or just news about the Betdoin system. Our goal is to offer experienced bettors as well as complete novices a reliable source of interesting information that will enrich their view of betting and football in general.


Start new football season successfully with the Betdoin system

23.07.2021 13:00 The 2021/2022 season is here and the real season for us bettors begins with it. Betdoin is fully prepared and you can look forward to statistics from all the watched leagues around the world. We have weekends ahead of us, when over 500 matches a day will be on offer, so there will be something to choose from. Of course, Betdoin will analyze all the matches for you. You can find the best tips from our strategies in the value tips section. For the…


New strategy of value tips, their success, profitability and future

23.07.2021 12:00 With the new update of the Betdoin system comes a new Unders value bet strategy, which has been tested for several months. Currently, new strategies will be added in the value tips section, and each of them will have detailed statistics so that it is immediately clear how the strategy is doing. The first public strategy is called Unders according to the type of bets it contains. All tips are aimed at less than 2.5 goals in the match. It is…


Expected Update 2.0 or what's new on Betdoin?

23.07.2021 11:30 The long-planned update of the Betdoin betting system is here. After a month of waiting, we are happy to announce that everything is ready and just before the season, the 2.0 update will be online. This is a relatively large update, which will bring several news and changes, which we will introduce in the lines below. Under odds We consider adding bets on unders (eg bets on less than 2.5 goals in a match) to be one of the biggest innovations in…

Betdoin - your helper when choosing football bets

It's the end of calculating and searching for information and figures across various websites! The Betdoin system will provide you with hard data (probability of a team winning the match, number of goals, corner kicks, penalty cards, etc.) from more than 700 football leagues in a second. Thanks to our solution, you can focus on a detailed analysis of each match, find the best tip, and bet on it. You can manage it all on your computer or phone.