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It's the end of calculating and searching for information and figures across various websites! The Betdoin system will provide you with hard data (probability of a team winning the match, number of goals, corner kicks, penalty cards, etc.) from more than 700 football leagues in a second. Thanks to our solution, you can focus on a detailed analysis of each match, find the best tip, and bet on it. You can manage it all on your computer or phone.

Saving time

No more hours of searching and calculations – you can start choosing from matches worth betting on.

Hard data

Our system is based on historical data and complex calculations. In addition, everything is tested by experienced bettors and experts.

Unique algorithm

To calculate the probabilities, the statistics include our know-how, which we've gained for more than 5 years!

Almost all leagues

Over 700 football leagues from all over the world in one place – you no longer have to look for figures on other websites.

Low price

Thanks to this subscription, you'll get access to statistics and value tips, and it will cost you less than one euro a day.

Increase your chances of winning

Stop blind betting, wasting time comparing various statistics, and struggling with complicated calculations. Betdoin will calculate everything for you with the use of a unique algorithm. We offer a detailed overview of all important statistics to all bettors – professionals, casual ones, and beginners. Find out yourself why cooperation with us makes sense to them!

Hi, we are Betdoin

How does Betdoin work?

Join our club

Become a part of a community of satisfied bettors whose bets aren't based on their feeling or unsubstantiated data. And as the old saying goes: two heads are better than one. So don't hesitate to become one of us! We value our subscribers – we'll share a part of the profit from the project with those who bring their friends and acquaintances. How can I get a referral bonus?



28, self-employed

Betdoin's value tips are excellent. These certainly aren't safe bets, which don't really exist, anyway, but these tips are truly interesting and, most importantly, profitable. Naturally, bettors have to involve their own estimate. For me, value tips are a basis complemented by my knowledge.



19, a student

Personally, I think convenient statistics are one of Betdoin's huge advantages. I bet mainly on corner kicks, though I always had to search the data related to them on various websites. Here, everything is in one place. In addition, there are probability estimates, which save me a lot of time and help me choose my bets.



22, a call center operator

I'm really satisfied with the beta version of Betdoin. The statistics are clear, value tips make sense, the website runs as it should. What I appreciate the most is a large number of leagues in the database, which enables me to bet on various matches every day.

Favorable membership price

Betdoin is a tool for all bettors, whether advanced or total novices. The bets are chosen according to a unique mathematical algorithm you won't find anywhere else. Our advantages are the chance to save as much time as possible and the value picks section where you can find the most valuable tips of the day.

10 days

290 CZK
29 CZK / a day
  • Mathematical algorithm
  • Detailed statistics
  • Saving time
  • Value tips
  • Facebook group
  • VIP consultation

365 days

4900 CZK
13.42 CZK / a day
You will save 800 CZK
  • Mathematical algorithm
  • Detailed statistics
  • Saving time
  • Value tips
  • Facebook group
  • VIP consultation

Answers to FAQ

Do you need any advice? You can find the answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have less common questions, feel free to contact us, and our assistants will gladly answer them.

What data does Betdoin use to calculate probabilities?

Our estimation of probabilities for all football events is based on a complex algorithm. Apart from historical data, it considers multiple variables, such as the number of shots, fouls, and ball possession. We have access to football data from more than 700 leagues around the world since 2010. We are constantly improving our system to predict football events as accurately as possible.

What will using Betdoin bring me?

The numbers prove that every bettor who uses our system became more successful than he or she was before using it. The betting world is about statistics, so those who have access to them are able to bet based on hard data (not emotions). And that's exactly what Betdoin offers.

How much money do I actually need to start betting?

Your initial betting capital can be as little as tens of euros – it may bring you a nice amount of extra money every month. If you want to have access to our statistics and value tips, all you have to do is pay for a subscription – we made its price affordable for everyone.

Do I need some experience to be able to bet?

No, you don’t. Betting with us is a piece of cake. Betdoin is made in a way everyone can understand, even those who haven't bet yet. So if you're interested in betting, watch the videos that will introduce you to everything. If you need any advice, call us or write to us.

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